Sdr. Hostrup Østergade 21
6200 Aabenraa
tel. +45 74 61 34 46
E-mail: info@christies.dk
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Welcome to Christie’s Sdr. Hostrup Kro

christies_01At Christie’s Sdr. Hostrup Kro in NSW gourmet experience begins in our herb garden, which is one of the largest and most beautiful. Here, loved vegetables, herbs and fruits and røgovnen conjures smoked salmon, scallops and other delicacies. The culinary expectations stimulated further in the wine cellar, where connoisseurs of their knowledge. And if I want to arrive by helicopter we have our own landing. Christie’s Sdr. Hostrup Kro is a very cozy inn with the best possible facilities. There are cozy library, wellness clinic and a wine cellar with many great wines. We have 10 cozy rooms in the park, 12 delightful standard rooms in the annexe and 6 beautiful luxury rooms with steam room, spa, or normal. shower in the main building. We would be delighted to welcome you at Christie’s Sdr. Hostrup Kro Janus Kjærgaard Petersen & Torben Skaarup Haugen